Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Beautiful little friends

My last few days simply have been wonderful. The sun was already shining when I picked up B from the train last week and we started our day with a lovely selfmade spring soup for lunch with whispering birdy songs in front of our window.
And so the days went by. We watched this wonderful story, listened to outstanding music, stopped in more than once at a nice and tiny cafe around the corner ... and we went out to visit some beautiful creatures hidden in the woods. I took lovely pictures there in the sun. We were also out on the beach to figure out that our breaths still froze immediately after the sun went down. And we took the first steps of his journey back together and went to Bremen for just one day. The sun was on our way all of the time. 

These days felt like they were blessed. 
And I'll carry the glow of them with me into spring.

And now enjoy these lovely little friends...

 I hope I'll catch up with my felting tools on the upcoming weekend. 
Still need to travel to the west coast for family visits on one day apart from a few other appointments.

Enjoy your days! It's spring after all!

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